About Us


Many companies know China has the fastest rising middle class in history but not many know how to take advantage of it - we are here to help you with just that.


At Lychee Creative, we all come to work with one thing on our mind - How to make western companies figure out the Chinese puzzle. You see, things are... different in China. Aside from the obvious language, cultural and lifestyle differences the way Chinese people shop and share information are also different. If you want to successful sell to Chinese people forget Google, Facebook and Twitter and familiarise yourself with Baidu, Wechat and Weibo.

With offices in Australia and China, we are a leading provider of Chinese Digital Marketing services from website development to E-commerce services to Social media, translation and localisation services and more.

With almost a decade's success in Digital Marketing services and the Chinese market, we are confident we can help your brand resonate with Chinese consumers.

Our Values
Although a Digital Marketing company, we still believe in good old fashion values. We believe in working hard for what we want to achieve in life because life’s just too short for anything else.

Our Culture
We are not your typical 9-5 (or 9 till late depending where you work) company because we believe in a flexible schedule. This allows our team to produce their best work at the hours they work best. However, we also understand that customers do come first so we’ll always have someone ready to take your request or return your calls.
We don’t believe creativity and productivity are infinite resources that can be tapped upon when needed. Our Team do their best work when they are fresh and enthusiastic, not overworked. We encourage our employees to embrace creativity and learning by regularly attending seminars and pursuit outside hobbies and interests.

We Are Not Perfect
There will be times when a project's objective do not align with our company's expertise or we simply cannot put a guarantee on the end result. Either way, we will be the first to let you know. After all, it is by acknowledging our shortcomings can we grow as a company.

We Are in it for the Long Haul
Let's face it - it takes a tremendous amount of time to get your business noticed anywhere and it's no different for Chinese customers. Lychee Creative is with you in the long term and our ultimate vision is to grow alongside you in a mutually beneficial partnership.