With over 730 active online users in China - Having a Chinese E-commerce plan and strategy just makes sense

China has some of the most voracious online shoppers in the world. On Singles Day 11/11 or 11th of November, China created a new Guinness Book record of most products sold on a single day of 23.4 billion dollars. That's more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined!

To build a successful eCommerce store in China, you have to know the buying mentality of the Chinese buyer. Make no mistake it is a very competitive market but with the right partnership with Lychee Creative, it can prove to be a rewarding one.

To enhance your chances of success, Lychee Creative will help you with:

  • Planning and Research
  • Design and Implementation
  • Maintenance and Optimisation

Small or medium size businesses dabbling their toes in the Chinese market is advised to go with existing eCommerce platforms rather than building their own as this minimises costs associated with implementing and promoting your products and services online.

Platforms we work with

  • Custom Designed E-Commerce Online Store
  • Tmall
  • WeChat store
  • JD
  • Weidian

Driven by the fastest growing middle class the world's ever seen and increasing online savviness, China's eCommerce industry is set to explore in the next decade and beyond. Are you ready to take advantage of it?