A good Chinese website is the first step in the door for the 730 million plus Chinese online customers


Chinese websites are different. Not only are they different in language, they must also be designed differently taking in social, cultural, and political factors to achieve maximum impact. A Chinese website when done correctly conveys your message to a Chinese audience the way it was intended to.

At Lychee Creative, we have been building websites for almost a decade. We know all the best practice and techniques to achieve maximum impact and exposure to a Chinese audience.

Our Advantage

  • Not blocked by the Great Firewall of China
  • Tailored and Optimised for Chinese customers
  • Optimised for Baidu search engine (China's number one search engine)
  • Mobile Responsive
  • CMS technology for easy content management

In China all Internet censorship is controlled by the Great Firewall of China and many businesses do not understand the full extent of its reach. Your business or website will be blocked if it broadcasts and shares politically and socially sensitive information. Your website may also be blocked by association. That means if your website hosting provider is blacklisted or if you're in the same subnet of a blocked website, you risk being blocked. Other global brands blocked in China includes:

  • Google and its related products
  • Most western social media such as Facebook and Youtube
  • Most western news websites
  • Pornographic websites
  • Political websites relating to China

Ideally, to be able sure your website can be accessed within China, you will need to disassociate yourself from those website by not using it and its software and also not linking to them. Lychee Creative can definitely help you in regards to this.

Hosting in China

While hosting in China can provide benefits for Search Engine Optimisation, it is not necessary to do so if you lack a physical presence in China or if you want to avoid its tedious setup application process.

Lychee Creative provides website hosting so you can get the speed you require as if you are hosting in China yet bypass having to setup a physical shop in China.

Our Process - Unlike many other website designers, we take great care in preparing your website before implementation. This has shown to not only shorten time frame but also drastically improve SEO rankings.

Prepare - Our consultants will talk you through the process and collect information from you. Our expert native translators will help you to translate your message so there will be no ambiguities between your intentions and it's actual message.

Plan - Our consultant will brainstorm your project in a team and plan with our translators and marketing experts on how to best approach your project

Design - Our Designers with many years designing Chinese website experience will coordinate with our consultant and you on the design of the website so that it translates well for a Chinese audience. All our Chinese websites are custom built and expertly translated.

Implement - Our web developers will coordinate with our designers and you to build the website according to your specifications and designs as outlined in the previous steps.

Operate - Once the design and implementation has been finalised. It is ready to go live. Depending on your preference, we can provide tutorial and training on how to easily edit content within the website and backend.

Optimize - Lychee Creative will continue to monitor your website and add improvements and content to it so you can be sure it will stay optimized and relevant for the future. This greatly helps with SEO and having your site rank well in Baidu or other Chinese search engines.

Our Services

Are you ready to expose your business to a potential 1.3 billion Chinese customers? Ask Us How.