Many companies fail in China because they apply the same strategy from their home country to China hoping it would work. It won't


Chinese translation and localisation is a must if you are serious about selling to Chinese consumers locally or online.

Can't I use Google Translate?

Let's face it - Google Translate doesn't work. If you speak a second language you will know exactly what this means. If you don't, try going to a foreign website and translate it using Google Translate. Does the translated text make sense to you? Chances are it won't. You will get a generally grasp of it but to a local, they can tell right away that it wasn't written by a native of the country.

Lychee Creative employs local certified translators who translate in their native language. By doing that, you will retain your original message while also having a local flavour to it thereby building trust, likeability and authenticity.

Most Chinese don't use Speak English. How can you get your message across? We can help.


Bringing your existing strategy over to China thinking you will get the same results is an uphill battle at best. Even some of the world's largest companies have failed in the past due to not recognising the differences between Chinese and western buyers and their buying habits and mentality.

Our Translation and Localisation services advantage include:

  • All professional certified translators
  • All translators write in their own native languages
  • Email Campaigns, Blog Translations and Localisation
  • Ads and Marketing Translations and Localisation
  • Website Translations and Localisation
  • App translations and localisation
  • General Translations

If you are serious about selling to Chinese customers, please contact us today.